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Robert Turrall, technologist:

I have over 30 years of practical IT market experience ranging from technical roles through to international sales and marketing management.

I've worked for small start-ups and for large multinational organisations. It all started with IBM mainframes and DB2 back in 1984. I then ventured into the worlds of client/server (Sybase, PowerBuilder) and Distributed Computing (Java), moving into presales, sales and marketing and through to marketing management at both national and international level. I now find myself focussed on web, mobile and internet device development and consultancy. Technically, I've developed web sites, web-based applications, complex multi-user distributed systems and mobile games - not to mention many Facebook applications. My experience has prepared me for just about any type and size of project that you can throw at me.

Some of that experience I have shared in the form of published video courses, well received and viewed by students around the World. My regular working days are spent advising my clients on the most suitable technology solutions for their web, mobile or connected device projects or working on the implementation of those projects. I have also advised clients on overall IT strategy, channel & marketing strategy and recruiting.

Tinkering, fiddling, playing with things to see how they work, taking things apart, building things, having crazy ideas, painting things, drawing things, making music, making something. That's what I do. For me, life is a journey - a constant quest to find the best way to use technologies to make our day-to-day existence easier and more fun!

Oh, did I also mention that, thanks to having spent over 18 years of my adult life living in Switzerland, I also speak German fluently (and Swiss German a little less well) and have a basic understanding of French and Italian in addition to my native English?

The timeline link on the right will give you more of an insight into my background and, just as importantly, what I'm doing now. Take a look. Any questions, contact me and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

To keep up to date with my various technological (and even other) adventures, check out my blog